Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Our Achievements

- What did you achieve by completing this project? When answering this question, consider both personal and academic development.
Ans: We achieved a good learning experience which has enriched us and given us a new perspective in our choice of careers in the future. Our group has also achieved the 1st place out of all the groups, with a tower withstanding 41kg of weights. We also managed to deepen our understanding on certain concepts.

- Post photographs and videos that you recorded during the project here.

- Describe how the design of your experiment or the design of your product allowed you to achieve the projects desired outcomes.
Ans: Our design actually started from simplicity to complication. To get the first 10kg up for more materials, we made a simple design enough to take 10kg so we could make improvements on it later. Once we got more and more materials, we touched up our product and made many reinforcements to the base and structure of our product.

- Identify possible limitations (restrictions) to your project. When answering this question, consider the design of your experiment or the design of your product.
Ans: We had certain limitations such as time and materials, we had to construct our water tower within a few ours including planning and measurements. We were also given limited materials of 3 sticks of balsa wood each of 1 meter long.

- Suggest possible improvements that could be made in order to minimize the limitations that you have identified.
Ans: We had trial runs for our water towers, and with each 10kg extra able to be supported by our water tower, we were given 1 more stick of balsa wood, which we would later use to improve our product more. We had to use whatever materials we had and had to think through the practicality very clearly such as not to waste the limited materials we had.

Time was put to its maximum use when we concentrated on the task and completed it swiftly with quality.

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